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11 November 2015

Beauty tricks | How do you keep your skin clear and healthy ? | Sponsored

Hi dolls ! Couple weeks ago I've been contacted by a member of the Social Media team of Aloha and they asked me if I could give advices about how I maintain my summer glow all year round. As the days get colder I thought it was a great idea to share with you some of my secrets to keep my skin clear and healthy throughout autumn and winter.

I do believe that it is not necessary to spend a lot on skincare products, the natural ways are always the best. 

.:: Drink, drink, drink ::.
First and most important tip it's to drink lot of water. It keeps us hydrated and benefits to our body in health in general. You can even add flavor to your water by adding lemon, lime, mint and cucumber for example or lemon and honey with some hot water which has actually been my daily morning drink for the last two months.

.:: Have a good diet ::.
It's really important to have a good diet, to eat a bit of everything. Your body, health and skin will definitely thanks you.

.:: Rest and sleep ::.
A good night of sleep, of course ! We tend to go to bed very late, to spend too much time on our cellphones and computers but we should never forget that a good night of sleep is one of the most important factor in order to keep us healthy and sane.

I selected for you couple delicious and healthy recipes from ALOHA for you to try out.



disclosure : I was asked by to write this post however every opinions and advices/tips are mine. I do not own the pictures in this post, they belong to

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