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15 July 2017

What You Need To Know Before Travelling To Cuba

geographical name  Cu·ba  \ˈkyü-bə, ˈkü-vä\

Where to begin to describe the oh so vibrant country of Cuba ? It certainly isn't like any other places I have ever visited in my life 

As for the rest of our trips, my partner and I moved around Cuba every 3 or 4 days to discover the island as much as possible and got lucky to enjoy typical Cuban landscapes and encounter delightful people along the way who made our journey even better than it already was. 
We first arrived in Havana where we stayed the first 3 days before heading to Cienfuegos, a town settled by French immigrants in the 19th Century, then went to Trinidad, which was by far my favourite place in Cuba, before going back to Havana. Seeing 3 different cities allowed us to witness the diversity of the architecture and population of the country and brought diversity into our journey in Cuba.

If you too are planning to go to Cuba, here are 6 things you should know :

1. Get a visa
Cuba, as many other countries, requires a visa to enter the territory. You can easily purchase your visa at your local Cuba embassy.

2. Print your documents before your leave
It is pretty difficult to access internet while in Cuba therefore I most definitely recommend you to print all your documents (travel documents, hotels/airbnb adresses and directions) before leaving for Cuba in order to have peace of mind upon arrival.

3. Take some cash with you
Unlike other destinations, it is not possible to use your credit card for payments in Cuba. You need to have cash upon arrival and have it exchanged at the airport. Euros and GBP sterlings get the best exchange rate. Hotels and resorts usually also have bureau de change. 

4. Currency
There are two currencies in Cuba, the CUC which is the one used by tourists and the Cuban Peso for locals only. When getting your change back, make sure that you're receiving CUC as this is the only currency you are allowed to use.

5. Download an offline app
While you can't really access internet in Cuba -except if you purchase a wifi card and find a wifi hotspot- you can still use offline apps to get around the country. The apps come with maps, tips & tricks and a bit of historical background on the touristic places. Don't forget that you'll need to download the app before your departure for Cuba.

6. Wifi
You won't have any data in Cuba therefore your only chances to go online will be through the purchase of a wifi card that will allow you 1 hour. Most of the parks have wifi hotspots, therefore you'll notice a whole lot of people sitting on their phones in parks.

Have you ever visited Cuba ? Or are you planning to go there ?

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