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13 February 2017

48 hours in Stockholm

As last week we spend 48 hours in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, we decided to make the most of it by the city, brunching in one of the cutest tea room I've ever got to see, shopping, ice skating and more. In today's post I'm sharing you great places to visit and dine from when in Stockholm.

The Royal Palace, official residence of the Swedish monarch is built in a beautiful baroque style and is now used for representations and festivities. It is built in sand and brick and is worth your time to visit. Unfortunately, due to a lack of time, we didn't get to see the inside but were pretty thrilled to still see the palace from the outside as the floor, covered in snow, made the palace looked even more beautiful than in pictures.

If ou are one the people who likes to enjoy a cup of warm drink accompanied of the traditional Swedish Princess Tarta cake, you'll enjoy the  Sturekatten, a tearoom based in old romantic building, veritable gem in the capital that allows you to enjoy drink and pastries in a old fashioned decorated room. The service was excellent, the food was tasty and we had an absolute pleasant time there.

If you wish to challenge yourself, anytime during the year, please head to  world's first permanent Ice Bar (by the Ice Hotel) which has permanent -7 degrees celsius temperature and located next to Stockholm Central train station. The experience is simply amazing and gives you a taste of Sweden's  fantastic arctic world. The interior of the bar is made out of sculpted ice and so are the glasses that you will be drinking from. Including in the entry price you will be provided with a warm coat and thick gloves alongside a drink of your choice.

There is an urban central park in the heart of Stockholm called Kungsträdgården. It is known as one of the most famous meeting place of the capital and offers a great ice rink during the winter. In summer, you'll be able to attend open-air concerts and different type of events there.

I've already been to Stockholm quit a while ago but didn't go in the Winter. This time, the snow and the -very- cold weather definitely amazed me.

You can not visit Sweden without trying the country's famous meatball speciality made of reindeer and/or moose accompanied with a glass of lingonberry juice. Obviously a lot of restaurants in the city offers you great menus and deals but I definitely you to go to the Meatballs - For The People restaurant based in the neighbour of Södermalm. It is cosy, warmhearted and has a lovely interior decor and you'll be able to dine from their vegetarian and gluten free options as well if you do have dietary requirement and/or food intolerance. As we didn't reserve a table in advance, we've been located to the bar which made the experience even better as we were able to see the Chef cooking right in front of us.

During our second day in Stockholm, we also enjoyed a nice lunch in Saluhall, a 1880s food hall filled with antique stalls and warm atmosphere. This place is on top of my list of recommendation for every gourmet goods fan and seafood enthusiasts.


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