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An effortless office outfit

adjective  me·tal·lic  \mə-ˈta-lik\

Who said that office outfits have to be boring ? In today's post, we are exploring an easy way to elevate a simple office look and make effortlessly stylish.First of all, we can all agree on the fact that midi skirts and pointed toe shoes are timeless workwear staples and make a positive impression, but, what could you had to your basic 9 to 5 outfit to make it stand out ? My pick would always be a statement accessory. It could anything from a set of eye-catching rings, to the latest trend of wearing  multiple necklaces at the same time or simply a metallic belt just like I opted for my outfit. A glint of gold or silver is always important.

Coat : New Look // Sweater : H&M // Skirt : H&M // Belt : Zara
Shoes : River Island // Bag : Vintage Louis Vuitton // Scarf : Louis Vuitton


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