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22 September 2016

Video | An Escape To Paradise..

geographical name  Bar·ba·dos  \bär-ˈbā-(ˌ)dōs, -dəs, -(ˌ)dōz\

Even know I was in London for most of the estival season and absolutely enjoyed it, I enjoyed even more my stay in Barbados, the beautiful Caribbean island where I spent 10 wonderful days.

So I just spent 10 days in Barbados, the so called "stress-free island" and had an absolute exquisite time there. I would, without a doubt, recommend going to this place to anyone who is looking to go to a paradise on earth for the following reasons that make Barbados a dream destination to undoubtedly add to your bucket list :

1. The tropical weather
2. The clear and astonishingly coloured ocean 
3. The warm and good-humoured inhabitants of the island 
4. The breathtaking landscapes

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