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An escape to paradise..

Even know I was in London for most of the estival season and absolutely enjoyed it, I enjoyed even more my stay in Barbados, the beautiful Caribbean island where I spent 10 wonderful days.

I spent 10 days in Barbados, the so called "stress-free island" and had an absolute exquisite time there. I would recommend going this place to anyone who is looking to go to a paradise on earth. 

The tropical weather, the clear and astonishingly coloured ocean and the warm and good-humoured inhabitants of the island makes Barbados a dream destination to undoubtedly add on your bucket list.

I will very soon post a YouTube video that will be about my journey there and it will allow you discover some bits of the paradisiac island. In the mean time, I invite you to follow me on Instagram if it's not already the case to have a look at the couple shots I took in Barbados on posted on the gram.

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