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21 April 2016

Killer Outfits For Summer Outings | Sponsored by T.M Lewin

Hi dolls ! As we all know, the peak of wedding season is upon us and we all know the struggle that is generate when it comes to picking an outfit that won't upstage the bride. Well, it seems to be a common issue that men and women share -obviously, the men have for mission not to steal the spotlight from the groom. T.M Lewin and TDVR have teamed up to help our significant other to find the perfect look for outings, wedding included.

Here are couple advice to look your best during the events of the season:

I will never recommend enough men to wear a navy suit for spring's events. The colour is timeless and fits -almost- every single dress code that could possibly exist. As for accessories, a bow tie works marvellously, as well as black dress shoes or loafers. And of course, why not mix the whole with a nice and discret pocket square ?
As per the shirt, white is a great option but why not try a freshly ironed blue shirt to maximise your look ?

Grey suits are too often underestimated even know they effortlessly look good day and night time as it is a versatile piece, as much as the black or navy suit.
When styling your grey suit for formal occasions, the white shirt will always be a good pair. I personally recommend to match your suit with pastel colours accessories such as pocket squares or a tie but never the two combined. 
Also, when it comes to footwear, black shoes shouldn't be the go-to colour option ! You should definitely try to pair your grey suit with Converse trainers for a dressed-down cool look. However, for a formal outing, combine your suit with gorgeous brown boots to look put together.

Every pieces mentioned in this post are available on the official website of T.M Lewin.

And you, what is your ultimate outing/wedding outfit of the season ?

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