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23 February 2016

Minimalist Closet | I de-cluttered my wardobe !

Unless you live in a cave, far away from any kind of civilisation you must have heard of one the latest trend from the past 2 years that is all about minimalist wardrobes or the French wardrobe or again the French 5 piece wardrobe.

I've always been the type of person who amass a ton of clothe, shoes, bags and accessories. I would shop spontaneously pieces that I will only wear once or twice and sometimes not even once!

Couple months ago I realised this fact about me when I was getting dressed in the morning and looked at that gorgeous dress that I've never wore before and that I knew I wasn't going to wear anyway in the future so I decided to get rid of it and to sale it online. I then told myself "it's not the only piece in your wardrobe that you are not wearing, you need to sort out everything !". And here my de-cluttering started.

I made 3 piles: one for the pieces I was going to keep, another one for pieces I was going to sale and the last for pieces I was going to give to charities. I will be honest with you, I got rid of at least 3/4 of my wardrobe. And that felt good, really good!

By de-cluttering my wardrobe, I definitely defined my personal style, my brand. I achieved that by developing a color palette that works for me (I basically reduced my wardrobe to black, grey, white and some neutrals colors) which maximised the wearability of my pieces. Most of my clothes are now basic and classic staples pieces that are very versatile and timeless. Also, I now shop more selectively in order to stay true to my style and only buy pieces that could be wore in more than 4 different ways, that actually suits my morphology and that make me feel confident.

Having a small wardrobe doesn't mean that you can't be stylish. Never forget that less is more, especially if you decided to focus on quality over quantity.

disclaimer: i do not own the pictures. they were borrowed from planet-deco, turbulences-deco and stylizimoblog. 

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