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25 December 2016

2017 Trend Spotlight : Pearls & Gold

noun  purl  /pɜːl/

 "A small, round object, usually white, that forms around a grain of sand inside the shell of a sea creature, especially an oyster. Pearls are valuable and are used to make jewellery"

18 December 2016

Rouge Vif : The Red Pleated Skirt

adjective  vi·brant  \-brənt\

04 December 2016

Ruffles : How To Style The Statement Sleeves

noun  move·ment  \ˈmüv-mənt\

27 November 2016

Dressing Comfortably and Stylishly in Winter

noun  win·ter  \ˈwin-tər\

21 November 2016

Shades of pink

noun    \ˈpiŋk\

a  :  the very embodimentb (1)  :  one dressed in the height of fashion  (2)  :  elitec  :  highest degree possible : <keep their house in the pink of repair — Rebecca West>

16 November 2016

Fashion Spotlight : Midi Skirts

noun  fem·i·nin·i·ty  \ˌfe-mə-ˈni-nə-tē\

18 October 2016



noun  mari·riage  \mar-ij\

11 October 2016

Knitwear & Leather

My favourite part about Fall season is wearing sweaters. Although I love summer and will already be looking forward to it in a few months time I also cherish the sweater weather a lot. 

22 September 2016

Video | An Escape To Paradise..

geographical name  Bar·ba·dos  \bär-ˈbā-(ˌ)dōs, -dəs, -(ˌ)dōz\

14 June 2016

South West Coast of France

Hi dolls ! I just spent couple lovely days in the South West coast of France (Charente) and I had such a pleasant time over there. It felt really good to leave London and its rain and cloudy sky to meet the sunny and luminous county of Charente where I spent 4 days before heading to Paris.

21 April 2016

Killer Outfits For Summer Outings | Sponsored by T.M Lewin

Hi dolls ! As we all know, the peak of wedding season is upon us and we all know the struggle that is generate when it comes to picking an outfit that won't upstage the bride. Well, it seems to be a common issue that men and women share -obviously, the men have for mission not to steal the spotlight from the groom. T.M Lewin and TDVR have teamed up to help our significant other to find the perfect look for outings, wedding included.

14 March 2016

Spring + Cosmopolitan UK

The other day I went to the Cosmopolitan UK office in London to participate to a beauty project that will soon be released on their official website. I was welcomed by Arianna, their Freelance Digital Beauty Assistant who has been very warm and lovely with me. If you are interested in knowing more about this beauty project I'll give you updates on my twitter account so make sure to follow me there.

23 February 2016

Minimalist Closet | I de-cluttered my wardobe !

Unless you live in a cave, far away from any kind of civilisation you must have heard of one the latest trend from the past 2 years that is all about minimalist wardrobes or the French wardrobe or again the French 5 piece wardrobe.

11 January 2016

How to | wear a turtleneck with a summer shirt

Turtleneck - Bonobo jeans / Shirt - H&M / Jeans - Topshop / Boots - Bershka
Hat - H&M / Bag - Celine / Rings - Primark

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