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25 October 2015

Estée Lauder | My Go-To Foundation

.:: Estée Lauder ::.
Double wear foundation colour Rich Mahogany
Double wear powder colour Mahogany

We all have our holy grail makeup products, those we never get bored of and keep on buying and recommending to our friends. Well, mine are the Double Wear products by Estée Lauder. I have tried to change foundation/powder so many times in the past thinking that I might be missing something but I have always go back to using Estée Lauder !

I genuinely love both the foundation and powder for various reasons : The first one being for its excellent coverage - which is great at this time of the year when my skin tone tend to be dull -and the fact that it blends very well. I also love that the flawless finish of these products holds up all day. I honestly only apply the foundation and powder in the morning when getting ready and I don't have to worry about touching up my makeup later on during the day because it does really last throughout the entire day. I bet it is a sufficient reason for you to give it a try !

The products are available almost everywhere, from Sephora, to Debenhams, House of Fraser or Selfridges and comes up at a very reasonable price for their quality.

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