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05 July 2015

Dear Morocco...

Hi dolls. I hope you are all good and enjoying the good weather.

Today's post is going to be the last part of my Morocco Diary. It's a resume in couple pictures of my last 2 days in this gorgeous country.

If you ever visit Marrakech, make sure to go to the Majorelle Garden, also called Les Jardins Majorelle. It was designed by Jacques Majorelle, a French artist and was restored and opened to the public in 1947 by Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Berge.
Yves Saint Laurent actually did live in this blue oasis and after his death, his ashes were dispersed in the garden where you can now find a Memorial in order to honour this talented designer.

I'm not an expert on spices, or cooking but while in Morocco why not buy some spices. The quality of the spices over there is incredible. From saffron, to curry, to paprika or Ras el Hanout you will find everything in the souk or in special shops. And by everything I mean EVERYTHING.

While planning your trip to Marrakech you will certainly hear of the Bahia Palace which is a set of gardens and a palace that was built in the 19th century in a very Moroccan style. I love the architecture of the palace but to be honest there is not much to see.

While in the souk, I had to buy those mini tajines pot that I found so cute ! Like I said above I am not a cooking expert and those pots are at the moment only used as decoration for my flat.

To finish my amazing journey, I spend my last day in the Dar Donab palace. The interior of this hotel is magnificent and perfectly reflect the glorious history of the building.

All the pictures in this post were taken by me. Ask and credit if you use it.


  1. Love this place so much, and you dress is perfect for it! Amazing location, it would be a dream to visit some day.


  2. seems like a market full of fun!

    1. It was indeed ! If you ever visit Morocco, I bet you'll love it :)
      Check the other posts about my trip in this beautiful country here :

      Have a nice day :)

  3. From your photos, I would definitely like to visit this place. Great shots and you look beautiful. :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Appreciated!

    1. Thank you lovely ! You can even check the other photos I took in Moroccojust by clicking here :

      The pleasure was mine :)


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