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21 June 2015

Tenin & Soul Heaven | Sponsored

Hi dolls ! I hope you are all very well. 

Lately I've been sharing with you the news about my latest collaboration with Soul Heaven. As I already mentioned, I really like the spirit of the brand, the pattern, colours and structures of their different clothes.  The designer and creator of the brand Jenny Lundberg is a passionate and lovely woman who makes and exquisite job.

13 June 2015

50's Vibe | Sponsored

Hi dolls ! Hope you all enjoyed your week. Mine was a bit odd, but the week-end has finally arrived which leaves me extremely happy.

On these pictures I'm wearing an exquisite dress from Soul Heaven, a boutique in Greenwich that I recently discovered. I love the spirit of the brand, they play with different colours, structures, patterns and layers and I can easily identify myself and my style with their gorgeous pieces of cloth. 

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