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03 May 2014


Let me introduce you my friend Maeva. Maeva and I have been friends for more than 5 years now, and we are really close. Sometimes we feel like we are sisters and that's actually pretty the truth ! She knows my family, I know hers. We can spend days and nights chilling at each other's houses like if it was our own home.

Anyway, the topic of today is her hair. Maeva has a 4a type of hair. She went natural 3 years ago when she big choped because she was struggling with hair breakage (she was relaxing her hair a lot).

Her hair routine is pretty simple. She washes as hair twice a week mostly with shampoo made of olive oil. After her shampoo she uses a hair mask for damaged and dry hair by Franck Provost and then a Dop Leave-in conditionner made of shea oil. Every night, before going to bed, she uses a Palmer's spray made of olive oil to moisturize properly her hair and once a week she uses a olive oil cream.

Lately she took the decision to be more careful with her routine and to change it a little. So, she is now looking for new natural products and habits to take for her hair health.

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