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13 April 2014


Do you remember when last December I went to Africa ? In Bamako, in Mali to be price ? Well, I went there because my cousin Mariam was getting married and that was something I couldn't miss at all ! 
Yesterday, I was looking at the wedding's pictures and I decided to share couple of it with you because you can't imagine how happy and grateful I was to be there. It's just incredible, I still remember when we were children and we were acting like we were the music band S CLUB 7 with my cousins and that Mariam was playing Jo ! And now, she's married. Waw.. Time passes so fast.

This wedding was the occasion to gather all our family, to spent time with people I haven't seen for years and especially to spend what was the most magical day of my cousin and her husband's lives.


  1. Waaaouuuuu thats so cuuuutee. SSSSS CLUBBBB. i rememberrr. Love u sisterrr

  2. Beautiful photos!! It's nice that you wanted to share this with us! Your cousin looked gorgeous!
    Have a nice day x

  3. congrats to your cousin! she looks soo beautiful <3 I loved looking through these photos :)


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