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29 April 2014


Turban in wax, made in Mali

Hi dolls ! I decided to go back to my natural hair for a while because I kind of got bored lately of the long curly hair.. I'm not used to rock my natural hair so it will surprise many people aroung me to see me like this I guess.

Anyway today is a bad hair day, so i decided to "hide" it with a turban in wax. It's so colorful and nice that it easily hide how bad my hair was today.

As you can see on the pictures, my hair looks very short ! Well, I just had them washed so that's the reason why they look so short, it's because of the shrinkage... You can also notice that I have a kind of red/brown color of my hair, that is not my natural one. I coloured my hair a month ago back when I was in London with a Dark & Lovely product (color 379 GOLDEN BRONZE). At first I just wanted to lighten my hair and the saleswoman told me to pick this color because I had very dark hair so it will lighten it properly. Well, how can I explain how mad I was at her when after my coloration my hair was ORANGE ?! I was so upset, you can't imagine ! But now, with the time it's turning in a ton of brown and I start to like it actually.

Stick foundation, color 16 by Kiko
Blush, color Raizin by MAC
Lipstick, color 110 Neverending Pink by Gemey  Maybelline
Haute Couture eyelashes


  1. Ça te change, ça te va super bien. Tu devrais rester comme ça plus souvent :):)

  2. oh my gosh, I love this colorful headband on you!! If you ever visit Tokyo, let me know, we have to hang out and do another collaboration :)

  3. you got a lovely blog would you like to visit mine and tell me your thought about it. maybe you are also interested in following each other, let me know. xo

  4. Le headband en wax est trop beau <3

  5. You're so beautiful and your makeup is flawless. :-)

  6. You look so cute with your natural hair!
    I love the headband, last summer i was natural too (now i have senegalese twist) and i used to use a product like this!
    Have a great day!

  7. You have such a beautiful skin.


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