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17 April 2014


Let's do a little recap. Well, I came back in France last week, I don't know yet how long I am going to stay here. I guess, I'll celebrate my birthday here since it's very soon. Plus, it feels good to be home and be with my parents.. So this is the reaon why i didn't have the time yet to shoot new outfits

This article is for those who don't use instagram or don't follow me -yet lol-. As you may know I use a lot instagram, it's like a visual diary and I like to share things I'm living, wearing or event eating.

You will notice on thoses pictures that lately I've been in a total mood to wear colorful outfits. Spring is definitely here !

If you do have instagram, don't hesitate to follow me at @tenindvr

Details of the day. Green and yellow, I only wear those colors when the sun is here.

details of the day. This day I decided to wear a total white outfit and the only pop of color was my heels.
Shoes : Bershka 

Details of the day. A simple outfit, perfect for a lovely and sunny day.
Shoes : Zara

This selfie was taken before my friends and I went to a White Party in Paris.
Eyelashes : Kiss Haute Couture Lashes

Wich girl doesn't have a car selfie ?

Receiving a letter from Christian Dior can never be a bad new !

Selfie taken before I went to an Indian restaurant with my girls for the birthday of one of her. 
Eyelashes : Kiss Haute Couture Lashes

Selfie at the restaurant.

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