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29 April 2014


Turban in wax, made in Mali

Hi dolls ! I decided to go back to my natural hair for a while because I kind of got bored lately of the long curly hair.. I'm not used to rock my natural hair so it will surprise many people aroung me to see me like this I guess.

Anyway today is a bad hair day, so i decided to "hide" it with a turban in wax. It's so colorful and nice that it easily hide how bad my hair was today.

17 April 2014


Let's do a little recap. Well, I came back in France last week, I don't know yet how long I am going to stay here. I guess, I'll celebrate my birthday here since it's very soon. Plus, it feels good to be home and be with my parents.. So this is the reaon why i didn't have the time yet to shoot new outfits

This article is for those who don't use instagram or don't follow me -yet lol-. As you may know I use a lot instagram, it's like a visual diary and I like to share things I'm living, wearing or event eating.

13 April 2014


Do you remember when last December I went to Africa ? In Bamako, in Mali to be price ? Well, I went there because my cousin Mariam was getting married and that was something I couldn't miss at all ! 
Yesterday, I was looking at the wedding's pictures and I decided to share couple of it with you because you can't imagine how happy and grateful I was to be there. It's just incredible, I still remember when we were children and we were acting like we were the music band S CLUB 7 with my cousins and that Mariam was playing Jo ! And now, she's married. Waw.. Time passes so fast.

This wedding was the occasion to gather all our family, to spent time with people I haven't seen for years and especially to spend what was the most magical day of my cousin and her husband's lives.

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